Zero to Hero – one to one canoe training

Your Zero to Hero training workshop takes place in the breathtaking Barrow River gorge, on one of the most exciting and beautiful adventure destinations in Ireland.




*Begin with 3-4 hours of instructions. You will learn all the basic skills of Adventure River Trekking, from shooting weirs to riding the rapids

*To complete the Hero training, You will then go on a 3-4 hour thrilling descent of some of the best white-water spills and thrills in Ireland, along the beautiful Barrow River in Co. Carlow.

*Aimed at complete beginners or improvers

*Costing just €89.00 for 1 person or €200 for 3 people

*No experience necessary

*All safety and wetsuit wear supplied

*Fully guided

*Closed event

*Limited to a maximum of 3 people

*Subject to availability – Midweek only – 



Now is your chance to release your inner adventurer and explore the River Barrow with this exclusive opportunity for one to one canoe skills training.


Learn new skills in a safe environment. With over 20 years’ experience, Charlie is as enthusiastic today about River Adventures as he was when he first began.


Open up your sense of wonder, fun and excitement, have a few thrills and spills, get back to nature and explore the treasures of our beautiful safe rivers.



Send us mail today to plan your zero to hero one to one training!



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