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Organized religion has been the mainstay of the communities in the Graignamanagh and St Mullins area since the 6th century with the arrival of St Molling. And the river which connects the two has been like a blood vessel of supply to both. Not only as a source of food but also as a means of transport and communication but also as a source of solitude contemplation and meditation.

The “The Goodly Barrow, that doth boil with salmon” as one very early travel put it has served the communities along it reach very well over the 1400 years of record. And it continues to do so today.

The trail south along this majestic waterway is spoilt with a natural beauty one would expect to find in Canada. Traveling along its length in a canoe is undoubtedly one of life sweetest memories.  If you haven’t experienced this yet, in one way you are lucky to have that to look forward to. But once you have sampled the dramatic harmony, peace and tranquility and laughed through the occasional anxious moments you will never forget and long to return with your family and friends.

The time is now – your adventure starts here !

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